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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Home Again...

So yes, we're back home in Maryland.

I cannot speak for Ace, but I know that for me it seems the trip went way too fast.

Though I did miss home and the people I love here, I just wasn't ready to leave the track --- or to come back to work and life here. *smiles*

I just submitted my request to have a week off in March (March 13 - March 19) so I can go to Sebring. Hopefully, I won't get screwed out of that again for the third time in a row. If this does happen, I will be raising hell as unless I am really sick or something bad happens, I never call into work. I very rarely ask for vacation days unless I am going to be going out of town. I work any of the holidays I am asked to work, and I usually have no probalems with coming in early or staying in late if I am needed to.

After this last week in Atlanta, it is very important to me that I be able to go to Sebring. *nods* Things happened this week that I never imagined would happen and I am wanting to make the most of them for as long as I am able to.

I am a little bit out of sorts today as I am still way beyond exhausted. I didn't sleep very well last night for a few reasons. I think one of the biggest was that I had just spent a week curling up with Ace at night and feeling secure and relaxed. Not having that last night was a jolting change to my system and my subconscious.

Except for my knee sidelining me for the last half of the big race on Saturday, I did have a really good time down at the track --- as always. I'm getting better at taking action shots with my digital camera -- although I am pondering looking into a camera with a higher zoom rating than I currently have. (Ace also taught me how to use a video camera.) If I do get a new camera, it will probably be a newer version of my current one. I like the Canon PowerShot A430 as it is a few versions newer than my A400 --- which I do love. Getting the newer camera will come after a few other purchases --- like the computer desk that I really do need desperately.

The next few days probably will not see much of me interacting very socially. I have to make sense out of my myriad of notes from the week and sort out all of the pictures that I took. Once that all gets done, I need to get my first story written and sent to my editor. Once I figure out the photos and a site to get them posted to, I'll throw up a link so you guys can see what I've done.

There will be more written in subsequent posts, but for now, I need to get back to work.


Blogger Autoextremist Journalist said...

Coming home, always sucks... At least it's not just me who thinks that! I'm glad you had such a good time, and I'm even happier that you're enjoying it on the same level that I have for years now. I see nothing but good stuff coming from this.

Also, you might want to enable anonymous posting - for those friends who read and would like to comment, but don't have their own Blogspot pages... Just a thought.

12:39 PM  

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