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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Motorsports Networking

I have four different racing teams who would like to talk more with me and get themselves seen on Racerchicks.Com.

The Autosports Designs Racing Aston Martin guys are really excited about the idea of getting a story done on them and circulated. The team owner thought it was a wonderful opportunity for them to get some coverage and for more people to have an idea of what they and their team are all about. They race for the SPEED World Challenge Series, which is smallert than ALMS, but they are still an established racing team with a lot of plans for where to take their franchise.

Bob Woodhouse of Woodhouse Racing is the man Ace and I affectionately refer to as "Uncle Bob". The man is incredibly friendly and out-going and I can tell he's going to be fun to talk with. He also has the most fantastic paint job I have ever seen on a Viper. He also gave us Woodhouse Racing t-shirts and hats for free when I asked him where I could purchase his racing merchandise.

Tracy and Susan Krohn of Krohn Racing are friends of ours. Susan races in the Panoz series and Tracy owns a few race cars and is the first team owner who ever invited me to come hang out anytime and chat. Tracy is an old friend, so he was happy to do an interview, and so was his wife. I met Tracy in 2004 when he was part of Krohn-Barbour racing.

By far, the biggest score of the week has got to be the fact that I'm getting contacts at ProDrive Aston Martin Racing --- the ALMS and LeMans major teams --- for interviews after the racing season is over. That in and of itself is something to be doing backflips over. I will not be doing backflips as I would much rather not have to endure a hospital stay when my back breaks.

I... am giddy and can't quit repeating everything that these four teams have said to me.

I think I bounced my way through all of last night and it just got worse this morning when I talked to the business manager of the ProDrive Aston team.

Like I have said before, the main reason I love being at an ALMS event is the fact that the people are down to earth and friendly, no matter how busy they might be.

But yes, that is my exciting news from the last two days.

Glorified Fangirl.


No apologies. :)


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